Thursday, July 29, 2010

Student are listenind HUHESO leader where he was teaching about HIV/AIDS at Ufala Primary School.

Many Student use bycle to go to school but Orphans can not afford this transport so that to usemore time in walking to school.


She is living with her grandmother with no any support of school facilities.

Some Orphans at school who supported by Foundation.

Orphans need to play with others to be happy in their living at school.

Sometime orphans are not happy beeng remambering their parents and when miss schools by do not get school facilities.

Student at school.

Friday, July 9, 2010

HOME BASED CARE - Huheso foundation

Mr. Japheth and his family request any body that can help him because he is living positive with his wife but his daughter is not affected.

Grace with three (3) months old needs support because her mother needs to stop her from breast feeding because she is positive with HIV/AIDS this caused by low income in their family. But doctors advice her to feed her about six moths only if she will get support it will make her to stop her earlier before affect her daughter.

Huheso management team visited schools.

Changing an ideas among themselves make the student to learn from others.

Students in Korogwe Primary School concentrated by listening trainer when HUHESO trainer visited at school to train about reproductive health, transmit ion of HIV/AIDS, How respect themselves, sexual health, youth guidance and impact caused by HIV/AIDS.

Playing different games to student make them to enjoy when they are at school.

Playing different games to student make them to enjoy when they are at school.

Korogwe primary school in Kahama district

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Huheso foundation leader Visited Albino In Kahama Hospital.

Kabula Nkalango (Albino) in Kahama District Hospital in April 27th 2010
after Piracy took her arm.

Kabula Nkalango after getting well in kahama hospital with her sister in April 29th 2010.

Kabula Nkalango with her sister in the hospital.

People with local believe that when you use skin, bones and hair of albino you became rich, this is local believes this is inhumanity.

Huheso Foundation leaders listening when the trainer where training about transmision of HIV/AIDS
in Kahama district to the volunteers training.

District Community development Officer (Elisha mahungo) is still training, Juma Mwesigwa (Director), 
Gabriel John (Program Manager) and Lega From RED CROSS in Kahama branch. 

Volunteers are listening very carefuly to the trainer.

Another volunteers concetrait to listen the trainer to the volunteers training about HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers are listening to the trainer Frola and Zainabu.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Improve quality of life of infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, CANCER, children, Youth, Women and disabled people through -

• Psychological care/spiritual care.

• Material support for OVC/MVC

• Awareness on Treatment, Care and Support, (treatment of opportunity infections, ART and Microbicides).

• Nutritional support and health counseling

• Group therapy meetings (Children, Youth and Women)

• Repatriation, Palliative care and bereavement support

• Voluntary counselling and testing

• Adherence counselling (ART guidance)

• Children counselling

• Home based care

• Counseling supervision for counselors

• PMTCT program

• Self supportive groups for Young people and women

• Collaboration with traditional healers on care/treatment

• Community hygienic mobilization on communicable diseases such as Dysentery and cholera.

• Designing, developing, producing and dissemination of IEC – materials according to targeted communities and messages.
2. Capacity building to children, youth and women with HIV/AIDS as coping strategies:

• Life skills training

• Nutritional and SRHE/STIs/HIV/AIDS training

• Child spacing/guidance

• Parenting skills training to child head of households

• Reproductive health training and Drug abuse prevention strategies

• Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT)

• ART literacy training

• Survival skills and bereavement training

• Palliative Care/Home based care training

• VCT counselling training

• Family Planning and Gender issues
3. Advocacy / Lobbying

• Training on reduction of stigma, violence, abuses and discrimination to children, youth and women infected/affected by AIDS.

• Advocacy on provision of social rights.

• Advocacy on affordable/accessible ARV treatment to children,

youth and women infected by HIV/AIDS

4. Consultation work to other likeminded organization included organization, institutions, firms, private and government organization in the area of HIV/AIDS and related issues.