Friday, July 2, 2010


Improve quality of life of infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, CANCER, children, Youth, Women and disabled people through -

• Psychological care/spiritual care.

• Material support for OVC/MVC

• Awareness on Treatment, Care and Support, (treatment of opportunity infections, ART and Microbicides).

• Nutritional support and health counseling

• Group therapy meetings (Children, Youth and Women)

• Repatriation, Palliative care and bereavement support

• Voluntary counselling and testing

• Adherence counselling (ART guidance)

• Children counselling

• Home based care

• Counseling supervision for counselors

• PMTCT program

• Self supportive groups for Young people and women

• Collaboration with traditional healers on care/treatment

• Community hygienic mobilization on communicable diseases such as Dysentery and cholera.

• Designing, developing, producing and dissemination of IEC – materials according to targeted communities and messages.
2. Capacity building to children, youth and women with HIV/AIDS as coping strategies:

• Life skills training

• Nutritional and SRHE/STIs/HIV/AIDS training

• Child spacing/guidance

• Parenting skills training to child head of households

• Reproductive health training and Drug abuse prevention strategies

• Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT)

• ART literacy training

• Survival skills and bereavement training

• Palliative Care/Home based care training

• VCT counselling training

• Family Planning and Gender issues
3. Advocacy / Lobbying

• Training on reduction of stigma, violence, abuses and discrimination to children, youth and women infected/affected by AIDS.

• Advocacy on provision of social rights.

• Advocacy on affordable/accessible ARV treatment to children,

youth and women infected by HIV/AIDS

4. Consultation work to other likeminded organization included organization, institutions, firms, private and government organization in the area of HIV/AIDS and related issues.