Sunday, September 19, 2010


Children represent more than half of Tanzania’s population. Because they have no vote they must rely upon others who are committed to respecting, protecting and fulfilling their rights. This includes leaders at all levels, including members of parliament, councillors, government officials at national, district and local level, religious leaders, judges, lawyers, police, social workers teachers, health workers, media professionals and many more.

1. Invest to Save the Lives of Children and Women

2. Invest in Good Nutrition

3. Invest in Safe Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

4. Invest in Early Childhood Development

5. Invest in Quality Education for all Children

6. Invest to Make Schools Safe

7. Invest to Prevent HIV and AIDS in Infants and Adolescent Girls

8. Invest to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy

9. Invest to Protect Children from Violence, Abuse, Exploitation

10. Invest in Children with Disabilities

We would like to invite all to leaders, Organization, goverment to invest to the top ten investment for children agenda.