Tuesday, April 19, 2011


HIV/AIDS stakeholders like Religious Leaders, Political Leaders, Government Leaders and CSOs at Kahama district In Tanzania are discussing how to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS which estimates to be 9.3%.

According to the report of District executive Director it is seems that the rate of HIV/AIDS is very high according to the area with estimated population of 815,175 and the population who are tested and they affected are estimated to be 85,342 which are 9.3%

In that report people who are using ARVs are 5,360, men are 2,107 and Women are 3,253 others are not yet started using ARVs.

The population are very high to patient who going to get medicine every in the Hospital.

HUHESO FOUNDATION requesting any stakeholders to join us to fight against HIV/AIDS in Kahama district by Supporting us to get materials and to have VCT for treatment and Counseling for people who are living with HIV/AIDS in Kahama District.

District Community development Ofiicer (CHACK) Mr Morgan Mwita when is representing District repport about HIV/AIDS in Kahama District.

Some of the Leaders participated the meeting.

Religios Leaders are listening carefully to the presenter who are District Community Development Officer Mr Kweka..

Population of participant.

Doctor from Kahama Hospital district areelabolating something in the gethering.

Muslim Leader is advicing and addresing something on the meeting.

Goverment Leaders are listening when other participant are givetheir coments in the meeting in Kahama district.

The kahama District Commisinal is addresingparticipant in the meeting.

The vice Chairman of Kahama district counsil and Chairman of HIV/AIDS Departiment Mr Mabubu is addresing the participant.