Saturday, July 30, 2011


1. To empower and strengthen the ability, creativity, skills and self esteem of marginalized groups, Children, Orphans, Youth, Women, Widows, Disabled and People living with HIV/AIDS to respond effectively to HIV/AIDS impact.

2. To address the issue of Stigma and Discrimination for infected/affected people which brings fear of discrimination

3. To reinforce, promote and advocate for Children, Youth, Women and disabled on the provision of Accessible/affordable, friendly and improved quality of Health Care Services of HIV/AIDS, CANCER especially treatment for Opportunistic Infections and ART

4. To establish centers for training and development of human cares for Children, and Vulnerable group affected/infected by HIV/AIDS.

5. To coordinate and promote welfare, development of Children born in areas surrounding mini centers whose parents died or left the mining center because of dismissal all end of terms.

6. To promote the imperative integration of HIV prevention with Care and Support for infected/affected Children, Youth and Women for sustainable behavioral change.

7. Advocate for the social rights of Orphans Vulnerable Young Children (OVYC), Youth, Women,Widows,  Disabled people and People living with HIV/AIDS in collaboration with other legal service providers

8. Advocate for reduction of infants and maternal mortality rates

9. Promote and sensitize the community utilization of health Care facilities, Breast cancer Program, VCT and prevention Program of mother to Child transmission.

10. To improve welfare being of Children, Youth Women and People living with HIV/AIDS through sustainable Home Based Care Programs and Psychosocial support.

11. To empower the marginalized groups in income generation and self-employment in its strategy to eradicate poverty among communities.

12. Capacity building to like minded organizations institutions, firms, industries and individuals groups on the field of HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Child rearing and Youth guidance, Survival skills, Reproductive Health, income generating activities, Organizational development and management system.

13. To identify and support new leadership for capacity strengthening, new partnership in the Foundation.

14 Provision of Consultation services on issues surrounding health, Orphans Vulnerable Children & Youth (OVCY),Project Designing, Planning, Monitoring & evaluation, also Mentoring AIDS Organizations, Skills Training on Health, Life Skills, HIV/AIDS and ART

15. Promotions of work places, in & out schools Sensitization and Education on SRH/STIs/HIV & AIDS prevention Program.

16. Addressing issues of food sufficiency and food security to overcoming Infant and Child malnutrition

17. To ensure the family and Community needs and rights of their HIV/AIDS affected Young Children (Pre-natal 0-7 yrs) are well addressed in planning implementation of programs

18. To promote gender equality and empowerment of Children, Youth and disabled people in all socio-economic and access to Primary Health Care.