Sunday, November 4, 2012


In order to avoid malnutrition in Tanzania and in the World it is better to educate the community to eat food with Nutrients especially Children under fives.

Huheso Foundation with support of Save the Children Tanzania in the program of PANITA prepared commemoration at Segese village in Kahama to raise awareness about food and Nutrition for Children under fives, the event was successfully join us to see what we have done on 3rd November 2012 here in Kahama Tanzania, Welcome and enjoy.

 High table for Leaders.

 Some of the Leaders attended the event.

 One of the women Mama Jonson who receiving gift after answering question about food and Nutrition for children under fives. Kahama district Executive Director was the guest of honor at the event.

 Huheso Executive Director Mr Juma Mwesigwa welcoming Kahama District Executive Director Ms.Isabela Chilumba.

 Kahama District Executive Director Ms. Isabela Chilumba addressing the mass at the event of Food and Nutrition At Segese Kahama.

 Leaders at the high table enjoying the entertainments 

 Mama Ushauri group are in the stage for entertainments.

 Some of the mass attended the event.

 Segese Ward Councilor Mr Manyala addresing the mass about food and Nutrition at the event.

Segese Ward Executive Director addresing the mass who joined us on the event.

 Some of the leaders who joined us on the event.

 Huheso administrative Secretary Veronica Mondi is convising people to sign the petition that are together on this day to fight against malnutrition in Tanzania.
 Segese ward Councilor is signing petition at the event.
 Mama Ushauri is singing at the event.

 Children council at the event.

 Children Council at the event.

 The Main speaker speaking at their dialogue at Segese village in Kahama.

 One of member of Children Council speaking at their dialogue at the event of food and Nutrition at Segese Kahama.
 Mama ushauri singing at the event.

  Some of the mass attended the event at Segese village.

Young Repoters network Irene Johachim and Michael James was their to take some news of the event.

 Some of the leaders attended the event.

 Special sit Councilor Ms. Angela addresing the mass about food and Nutrition at Segese in Kahama.

 Member of Huheso Foundation greeting the mass.

Leaders who attended the event From left is Ms. Masolwa Head Teacher at Segese primary school, The second one is Ms. Victoria Maige Segese ward Education Officer, Third is Ms. Angela Councilor Segese special sit in Kahama, The forth one is Segese ward Councilor Mr. Manyala another is Kahama Executive Director Ms. Isabela Chilumba, another is Mr Juma Mwesigwa Executive Director of HUHESO Foundation and last is Segese Ward Executive Director.