Tuesday, September 10, 2013


HUHESO Foundation prepared  the competition for Mathematics here in Kahama for Girls from 20 Primary School, Our target was 100 girls to participate but about 63 Girls participated from 15 Primary School. Here in Tanzania Girls do not like Mathematics but we have done that to encourage them to like it as other subject in schools. On the photo are some of our winners getting their gifts. About 5 girls got different gifts for being done very well.

 Here is a head teacher from Majengo primary School Mr Japhet Ngulu (Light) receiving football as a best school in Mathematics.

Agnes Boniphace from Majengo Primary School when she was receiving her gift at their School Left is Mr. Juma Mwesigwa Executive Director of Huheso Foundation.

Agnes’s mother who joined the event to witness her Daughter receiving gift after winning the mathematics competition prepared by HUHESO Foundation.

Tatu Chatta from Kahama primary School receiving her gift after winning Mathematics competition and the chairman of Kahama primary School Retired Captain Robert Mabala giving her gift.

Tatu’s mother when shaking hand with Retired Captain Robert Mabala to congratulate her daughter to be a winner.

 Martha Sungulwa from Kahama Primary School receiving her Gift.

The first winner Doricas Limbati from Nyahanga Primary School receiving her her gift from Mr Juma Mwesigwa Executive Director of Huheso Foundation at Nyahanga primary School.

Doricas Limbati when is showing her gift of TSHS 100,000, about 70 US$ after receiving it at School.

Executive Director Mr Juma Mwesigwa wthi the first winner and her mother at Nyahanga primary School when she is there to witness her daughter.

Cesilia Kishiwa from Busoka Primary School when she is receiving her gift from Executive Director Mr Juma Mwesigwa at Busoka Primary School.  

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