Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Here are some of the Student as you see with there shoes are totally not good and sometime according with shame they refuse to attend schools because of tattered shoes and Uniform.

Uniform is one of the factors that keep thousands of poor children out of School. A survey by the HUHESO Foundation in Kahama district show that more than 22,000 children who are living in hardship who Orphan/Vulnerable children are out of School simply because they can not afford School Uniform.

A pair of uniform for primary School including a short, shirt, shoes, stocking and sweater  cost about Tsh 30,000 approximate (US$ 20) and Secondary School Uniform cost about Tsh 40,000 approximate (US$ 26). These make more parents to refuse to take their children to school and stay home for digging and grazing animals. According to survey conducted at kahama district and rural areas uniform some of the Pupils attend School without having Shoes and some their uniforms are tattered.

                                                      Shoes which are tattered for students

                        Please donate even used shoes to bring children smile and attend schools.

 Sometime children can get diseases because of they do not wear shoes at school, because of sharing toilets at schools

Nursury School Uniform

Primary School Uniform.

Many People believe a uniform gives the students a sense of pride and identity and social equality in the School while fostering discipline.
These caused by poverty around the people who are living with their income which approximate to be less than 1 US$ and some of schools sent away from school due to lack of school Uniform.

Boy are grazing Animals.

In our survey we found that some of the pupils/students are working as casual labour in holiday time in order to find themselves the uniform and find food for their family. Some of the casual labour works are digging, small business like selling ice cream, and we find others who are blowing chaff of grain of rice. Some of these girls found at kagongwa after interview with them they told us that they are doing this work of blowing in order to get food at home and when we get more kilogram we sell and we get money for the Uniform and school fees. Those two girls are students in secondary School who are in form two.

Girls are blowing caff of grain of Rice.

Children are forced into bussiness hence losing their rigths of getting Education