Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Some of the Girls who are learning Sewing on the project An action on young girls sexual exploitation funded by RFE (Rapid Funding Envelop), This program will take six months our target population is about 40 girls in phase one, about 60 girls in phase two are completing their training on 1st march 2014, Now we have two room and 20 sewing machines used in the training, Dear friend, Donors and stakeholders we need your support to make this archived to train more girls in Kahama to bring changes for them and their family. We tahnk you all hall who donated and make it true.

 In the training at HUHESO Foundation.

 In the room for training.

 Executive Director of HUHESO Foundation Mr Juma Mwesigwa with some of trainee in the room at Huheso Foundation.

 Here are in the room for training.

 Here are the trainee for the morning session, here is outside the room where are trained. 

 Here are trainee entering the room for training.

 Sometime after sewing they have to iron the cloth as you see on photo.

 Here trainee are learning to cut pattens of the clothes.
 Jenipher and Joyce learning Sewing.

 Naomi sewing clothes

 Rhoda one of trainee in the room for training.