Sunday, November 8, 2015


VILLAGE SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS [VSLAs] conducted by HUHESO Foundation in different District Councils in Msalala, Ushetu and Kahama Town Council marks the stepping stone toward ECONOMIC Strengthening versus Extreme Poverty amongst community members. Saving, Investing, Setting Priorities of Money one earns, Good Loans, Bad Loan and Budgeting are part and parcel of the Key topics covered in the course of VSLAs Operations. We would like to thank CARE International Tanzania via PESA KWA WOTE [PKW] Program underway in Kahama Authority. I would like to thank all Program Officer who facilitating Training, Consultation, Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation of the Program Objectives at hand...... The community members are required to participate efficiently as they are DIRECT BENEFICIARIES here in Kahama.

Below are photos of the groups in different villages in Kahama district.

 The box you see in front of the group used to keep money, books and other tools used in the group.

 One of the Member buying shares at the meeting, members in the group should range from 15 to 25 with 70% of women and 30 % of men.

 Every members should have books to keep records how many shares bought and loan taken and should know when can return the loans with percentages. 

 Before starting program officer must have community meeting so as people can form group.

 Members in the group must sit in the cycle and every member should have number because when buying shares leader call the number not the name. 

 As you see the money in the bowl after buying shares, the accountant of the must account all money and inform the members and leader should speak loudly the amount got in the session at the meeting. 

The Bucket you see used to put money when members are buying shares at the meeting. The shares should be bought once per week and the amount should be set with them and must be in their constitution of the Group.