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Volunteer and Change Lives in Kahama, Tanzania, Africa... And Make New Friends.
The HUHESO Foundation Tanzania volunteer program is based in Kahama, Shinyanga and has volunteer placements located in rural and urban Tanzanian communities and villages. As this project is based in Kahama, volunteers will need to fly into Mwanza International Airport that HUHESO will pick up from there.
Are you a professional looking for skills-based volunteering? A student looking for valuable experience and references? A compassionate individual who wants to be involved in helping a small community?  We are wholly dependent on our sponsors and volunteers and their generous support. We are looking for individual sponsors who can contribute to our projects and development on an on-going or temporary basis. 

Kay Walten together in supporting wheelchair to children with disability. 

Who Can Volunteer?
We’re looking for volunteers all the time — there are a few stipulations, though. You must be at least 18 years old. You really want to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. And we know that if you're reading this, you’ve already got that desire to help.  You can become part of fundraising and organizing events, or help out in many other ways. Our greatest need is on the front lines of fundraising, such as researching grant opportunities and new partnerships. We are also always looking for event volunteers to help with fundraising.   
Why Volunteer?
Taking on a volunteering position adds immense value to your resume and can make you infinitely more employable.  We ask volunteers for a minimum 4 hours per week, for 3 months.  We will gladly provide reference letters for outstanding contributions.
You can learn new skills, make new friends, or use your existing professional skills to help others.  Taking part in our programs and seeing results can be very rewarding, and you’ll take home new skills, knowledge and practical work experience.  You will also know that your involvement is making a difference in one poorest region in the world.  
Beyond giving HUHESO Foundation access to a diversity of skills, expertise and extra hands, volunteers expected to work with HUHESO Foundation are those who are intended to bring additional commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to what they shall do with HUHESO Foundation so that to push vision and mission of HUHESO Foundation. Whether you’re interested in helping out once in a while or donating your professional skills or experience on a regular basis, there are plenty of ways to become a part of HUHESO Foundation.

Lack of resources and access to care present many health related problems to the people of Kahama and Tanzania in general, particularly those living outside of urban centers in Tanzania's rural areas. Common illnesses are malaria, typhoid, and hepatitis In particular, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to be a problem, as the prevalence rate in the country remains high. Now in our Country there is a problem of Cancer especially Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer so that it will be better if we can get volunteers to work with us in educating community in this area.
 Volunteers interested in health are needed not only in the clinic setting, but also to educate on self-care and prevention.

Community Development
People living in rural areas receive little support from the government and volunteers can help implement a variety of programs in construction, water and sanitation, education, Financial literacy, Agriculture, Vocational skills and micro-enterprise that can help improve the local quality of life.

Some of Community development work that Volunteer can be involved

Volunteering in Orphanages
There are thousands of orphans in Kahama about 22,000 are Orphans and some of them are living in hardship environment. In many of the orphanages and care homes staff struggle with limited resources to feed, clothes, Shelter and educate the children in their care. Local staffs are also often too busy to provide the stimulation and attention that these children need, which is where your contribution as a Care volunteer comes in.
As a volunteer, you can have a positive impact on the lives of these children by giving them the attention and care they need. You can fulfill your role by spending quality one-to-one time with a child, playing educational games with a group of children, helping them with their day-to-day chores, and monitoring their progress. Volunteers can suggest having Orphanage center so that they can stay at the center for better care of them.
Grant Writing and Fundraising
In our organization when we will get volunteers sometime can support us in grant writing and fundraising so that we can get more project to support our community.

Marketing, Communications, and Social Media
Because we are establishing radio station in our organization the Volunteers with Marketing, Communications, and Social Media will help us in different things to develop our social media like Face book, Blog and website so that our organization will be well know globally.

Event Volunteers
Interested Volunteers in our organization will be organizing events like commemoration events, screening o HIV/AIDS and CANCER, Organize meeting with stakeholders and attend different events concerning in our field in the Organization.

HUHESO Foundation will offer all volunteer two hour per week to lean Swahili language speaking and writing, at the office at working days we will have tea (Chai) or Cofee (Kahawa) and will offer volunteers to travel to visit national park like Gombe National park where there are Gorilla and other places in Tanzania according to the resources we have but you can pay for entering fees in the park. We will offer you to pick up at the airport once you arrive. 

HUHESO Foundation will not charge Volunteers for the program but will pay only for accommodation and meal for all time that will be in Kahama. Once we get volunteers we rent house with all facilities needed, the house can have three or four rooms that volunteer can share and can donate themselves to rent that house that range on $ 250 to $ 400 per month. About meal it depends with food you need but a single meal can range from $ 5 to $ 10. Staple foods in Tanzania include rice, Ugali (maize porridge), chapatti and coconut milk, (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Breakfasts generally consist of chai (tea), toast, fruit and mandazzi (deep fried dough). A typical lunch can include meat and vegetables with rice and fruit, while dinner usually sees traditional food, such as Ugali and chapatti accompany the meat and vegetables
But you need to prepare yourself the Visa, flights, travel insurance, in-country trips or tours, but work permit we can help you the process to get it.

All positions are based in Kahama, Shinyanga-Tanzania, East Africa.  There is a possibility of remote volunteer work for positions in marketing and design.  Send us your resume at or specifying the position you're applying for.

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